My Human Rights Essay

In class we wrote a essay about a human right that related to us. Mine was on discrimination because of a country or belief. Here it is,


           I believe that discrimate ion because of a country or belief is wrong       

                           Have you ever been to a country that may have a bad reputation? Did you look at the bad side or on the good side of things? Think about it, maybe the country did a bad thing but also helped the world. I am a 5th grader who tries to look at the good side of things. Not only because I am from Germany, and Germany is one of those countries, but because I believe that the world might be wrong. I hope I will persuade some of you.

                 Let’s take my country, Germany. A lot of people in the world look at Germany through the lense of WW2. When the name falls people immediately think about war. But if you look at it the other way around Germany has done a lot of things that changed or are changing the world right now. For example a lot of humans would have legs that are tired today if this country wouldn’t have invented the car.

                Once my class was watching a video about human rights. They also told about the history of human rights. When the video came to the part about WW2 a bad bunch of my classmates looked at me. This made me wonder, “ how can some people in the world still be mad at something that happened over 75 years ago?” It also made me feel bad, this is why I believe no one can discriminate you because of a country or belief.

                Another big problem about discrimination is Muslim belief. In many countries of the world humans fear Muslims and don’t want them in their country. It’s true the ISIS has done some things but that doesn’t mean all are bad. We, people from the US and Europe, also have our part in what they do. For example the attack in Paris was caused by jung Muslims but in a the newspaper it said that their parents fled there with them. They didn’t get treated well so they got angry and did the attacks.

                     We have two Muslims in our class and we’re all the same. Fair enough I want to remind you, no one can discriminate you or you can’t discriminate anyone because of a country or belief.

                   In conclusion I believe that no one can discriminate you or you can’t discriminate anyone because of a country or belief should be a universal human right. Whether it’s in your home or at school, it should be your right and you should feel it.



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